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Welcome to the official website of State College LARP. We are students and State College locals that gather every Saturday night to play several live action role playing games developed by White-Wolf. Generally, we meet on the ground floor of the HUB from 5:00-6:00 PM, and game begins at 7:00 PM.

This semester, our group will be playing three White-Wolf RPGs, and a Final Fantasy tabletop , varying based on storyteller availability. Final Fantasy is now played Sunday afternoons. The games are as follows:

Dragon: the Inheritance: a game where you play a dragon hiding among humanity, trying to build your hoard and survive the dragonslayers out for your head. You won't live forever, so what legacy will you leave behind? Our storyteller is Casey.

Genius the Transgression: a game where you play a mad scientist who's "science" changes the very fabric of reality. Yet, this may come at the cost of your own sanity. Our storyteller is Reeg.

Changeling the Lost: a game where you play a former human who has been permanently altered by faerie magic. Now you must keep your secret from the mortal world, while knowing the constant threat that it (and you) are under from the land of fae. Our storyteller is Shay.

Geist the Sin Eaters: a game where a ghostly figure pulls you back from the brink of death....if it can hitch a ride. Together you and your Geist get a second chance at life, now knowing what is behind the veil of death. Our storyteller is Chris.

Final Fantasy d6: jump into the world of one of the most beloved video game series of all time. Pick a class and join the legendary crystal bearers as they take on evil fiends corrupting the Crystals of Light. Our storyteller is Dan

New Members: Edit

Interested in diving into a world full of mystery and intrigue? Well come on in. The Final Fantasy game has reached its player cap, but our White Wolf games are open to all! Just e-mail one of our Storytellers for information about where to meet us.

Check out the World of Darkness  page to learn more about the world of Geist, Changeling, or Genius. Or hit the Glossary to learn about basic gaming terms. Then click on any of the links above to learn about the different games available to play.

Any questions? Contact one of our Storytellers for more information.

Experienced Members: Edit

Help fill out the cast by expanding the Character section! Also: check out the worksheet for pages that need updating.Add your ideas to the Krewe page, to help flesh out the details of our blossoming group in Geist. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"The World of Darkness is not about someplace long ago and far away. It’s our world today, but different. Looked at from a global perspective, it seems the same. Looking closer, though, the details differ. That house down the street isn’t just abandoned, it’s haunted. Nobody goes to the old quarry anymore. Some teenagers didn’t come back. That new nightclub is so cool, but creepy. Did you see that guy who kept staring last night?


Characters in the World of Darkness can blur the line between reality and the occult. Indeed, that’s what it’s all about. Exploring a world of mystery that tries to keep it- self hidden. A world that punishes those who look too deep. But those who refuse to look suffer even worse. They’re rocked on seas of conspiracies of which they go unaware. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. There are no easy answers, and knowing is not half the battle. It’s only the first shot in a long, grinding war against the shadows. "  - World of Darkness, p. 23

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